Review:Doğan Akhanlı: Madonna s letzt er Traum (Madonna’s Last Dream).Novel, translated from Turkish by Recai Hallaç.472 pp. Bremen: Sujet, 2019. 24,80 €. ISBN 978 3 96202 04
Author: Gerrit Wustmann
“This is not how Maria Puder died.” – It is this sober observation that opens Doğ an Akhanlı’s Novel Madonna’s Last Dream, oriğinally published in Turkey in 2005 and now translated into German by Recai Hallaç at Sujet Verlağ in Bremen. weiter

Turkish Intellectuals Who Have Recognized The Armenian Genocide: Doğan Akhanlı
By Hambersom Aghbashian

Doğan Akhanlı was born in Şavşat *, Turkey in 1957. He moved to Istanbul at the age of twelve. In the wake of the 1980 military coup d’etat, he went underground then was political prisoner from 1985 to 1987. He managed to fled to Germany in 1991, where he was granted political refugee status. In 1998, Turkey stripped him of his Turkish citizenship, but he became a German citizen in 2001. Akhanl?, in his novels, essays, interviews, and also in his projects in Germany, has consistently displayed an honest approach to historical violence.
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Gariwo: the gardens of the Righteous > Jewish Genocide

Dogan Akhanli, German-Turkish writer and activist honored on 6 March, European Day of the Righteous, held a performance on his last day in Turkey, the country that imprisoned him for 4 months for denouncing the Armenian genocide. We are pleased to publish the text, based on his latest novel Die Richter des jüngsten Gerichts (the Judges of the Most Recent Court).

Gariwo / News

Hrant Dink-Street in Gezi Park | GARIWO

by Dogan Akhanli

In April 2013, on my last day in Istanbul, I held a performance from my book Die Richter des Jüngsten Gerichts (The judges of the most recent court), in four languages: Armenian, German, Kurdish and Turkish. The Armenian texts were read by Ani Balikci, Sevag Balikci’s mother.

A murder on the anniversary

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach
Creating a Transnational Memory Space
Dogan Akhanli Honored in Cologne

Creating a Transnational Memory Space Dogan Akhanli Honored in Cologne
By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach – Special to the Mirror-Spectator


Bianet | Court Issues Red Notice to Seek Writer Doğan Akhanlı |31 July 2013, Wednesday | Elif Akgül

On the first hearing of Doğan Akhanlı, a writer whose acquittal verdict has been overthrown by Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals, defense lawyers asked for their client’s acquittal again. The court, on the other hand, issued a red notice to hear Akhanlı according to the procedures.

Turks Demand Democratic Rights — and Justice

The Armenian Mirror-Spectator-25.06.2013
The victim of the new judicial scandal is Turkish-born Dogan Akhanli, a well-known writer and human rights activist based in Cologne, Germany 


Bianet, 17. Juni 2011
Writer Akhanlı Faces Life Sentence despite Lack of Evidence
Writer Akhanlı is facing an aggravated life sentence on charges of the “attempt to change the constitutional order”. According to lawyer Kanar, the final speech of the prosecution lacks evidence and legal grounds.

Freedom for writer Dogan Akhanli

imprisoned in Turkey

Dogan Akhanli, German writer and activist of Turkish descent, has been jailed in Istanbul since August, when he entered Turkey to visit his father.

PRESS RELEASE 06 – 9/11/2010
Doğan Akhanlı imprisoned since 3 months. Prominents demand his release at International Writers in Prison Day

At November 10 already 3 months have gone by since Doğan Akhanlı is in unjustified custody in Turkey.
With regard to the upcoming “Writers in Prison-Day” on November 15 which is drawing our attention towards the hundreds of detained authors numerous prominents have demanded the immediate release of Mr Akhanlı. Amongst these prominents are the Nobel Prize Laureates Günter Grass and Orhan Pamuk … …

PRESS RELEASE 05 – 29/09/2010
First hearing in the Doğan Akhanlı case on 8 December 2010

The 11th Great Chamber of the Criminal Court in Istanbul has now set the opening date for the trial of writer and human rights activist Doğan Akhanlı. On 8 December 2010, Akhanli will for the first time be able to defend himself publicly, in court, against the charges levelled against him. By then, three months will have elapsed since his arraignment. Each day of these three months represents another 24 hours of unjustified imprisonment for Doğan Akhanlı.


PRESS RELEASE 04 – 13/09/2010:
Charges against Doğan Akhanlı confirmed. Trial date not yet set.

The Istanbul judiciary’s efforts to keep writer and human rights activist Doğan Akhanlı behind bars are taking on Kafkaesque dimensions. It is now clear that he will indeed be put on trial. On 6 September, the 11th Chamber of the Istanbul Criminal Court approved Akhanlı’s indictment and confirmed its intention to carry on with judicial proceedings. A date for the trial has not yet been set.

PRESS RELEASE 03 – 2/09/2010:
Doğan Akhanlı is still under arrest without legal justification

On 31 August 2010, the Turkish judiciary rejected, rapidly, not to say precipitately, Doğan Akhanlı’s lawyers’ third appeal for his release from custody. The 9th Chamber of the Istanbul criminal court took less than a day to deliver its decision – the appeal had been handed in the morning of the same day. It was based on three arguments:


Writer and activist Doğan Akhanlı arrested in Turkey
Prosecutor files lawsuit against writer and activist Doğan Akhanlı

In a time of fierce battle between political parties and in an increasingly politicized atmosphere, we received the news that the widely acclaimed and awarded author and activist Doğan Akhanlı was arrested in Istanbul.


PRESS RELEASE 01 – 24/08/2010:
Author and Human Rights Activist Doğan Akhanlı Wrongly Imprisoned

On 10 August, 2010, the writer Dogan Akhanli, well-known in Turkey and a German citizen since 2001, was arrested at the airport in Istanbul and brought to Metris prison. He has been held in prison in Tekirdağ since 20 August. Akhanli had come to Turkey for the first time since fleeing the country in 1991. He wanted to visit his ill father.